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October 14, 2023

Logitech Flight System 940 Review

Logitech's Flight System 940 is the latest addition to the acclaimed G-series line of gaming peripherals, and the company's first force feedback flight simulation controller. Inspired by military and commercial planes and helicopters, this three-component system includes a force feedback joystick, dual throttle control and rudder pedals. With more than 250 programmable button options integrated into a fully decked-out HOTAS (or Hands on Throttle and Stick) design, gamers can access critical aircraft systems without taking their hands off the controls.

The programmable throttle-based buttons integrate with your favorite flight simulator software and illuminate red, green, yellow or dark to indicate the status of important aircraft systems – just like in a real cockpit. Eight programmable base buttons are supplied with pre-designed legend inserts, and eight more can be programmed using Logitech Gaming Software to make an interactive switch panel for GPS, autopilot and landing gear controls. In addition, the throttle levers are seperate close to the middle and can be locked together by the flick of a smartly-positioned button, for those times when you're flying an aircraft with multiple simulated engines.

Setup is a breeze; the throttle and pedals connect directly to the joystick cable, which in turn plugs into your PC via USB. All three components also feature mounting hard points to secure them to a table, the floor or a home cockpit. Unlike some other flight simulation controllers, the G940 is sturdy and well-built, with a combination of steel and plastic for durability and a little bit of rubberized material where grip is important.