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September 12, 2023

Like What Let's Keep It A Buck

Like What Let's Keep It A Buck is a party game that requires a lot of trust, vulnerability and maybe a little tequila. Get to know your friends better by asking them personal questions, if they answer honestly you drink! The questions can get a bit uncomfortable but in the end you will learn more about your friends than you thought possible.

The phrase keep it a buck came from the saying keep it 100, which means be honest and don’t lie. It’s a slang term that is often used by young people in rap or hip hop culture.

Ice Spice’s new song, “In Ha Mood,” is going viral and her lyrics are helping TikTokers to keep it real in their videos. Fans are using her line, “Like what? Let’s keep it a buck.” to express their truth, defend their opinions and challenge the rules. They are also using the phrase to ask for advice.