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October 13, 2023

Life Size Rockem Sockem Robots

Channel your inner Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed with this pair of life size rockem sockem robots. Powered by your smartphone and capable of going head-to-head with other robots for 60 minute bouts, these pint-sized warriors will give your party a shot of futuristic style and technology.

A version of the classic game that’s been scoring knockouts in one form or another since 1964, this two-person battle is played on a platform molded in bright yellow high-impact polystyrene plastic and designed to look like a boxing ring. Each player pushes plunger buttons on a pair of joysticks at the base of their robot to maneuver its arms and punch at their opponent. If the other robot’s head overextends from its shoulders, that player wins the round.

In 1977 Marx Toys released a revamp of the toy called Clash of the Cosmic Robots, with red and blue robots of a design that seemed more appropriate for the Space Age. Instead of Red Rocker and Blue Bomber, this pair featured PROG-2 (with an orange head reminiscent of RoboCop) and V-STYX (with a white face and a long mouth with no eyes). Stickers and decals were included to customize your robots.

In 2013, Mattel attempted to cash in on the popularity of the old-school toy with a Rock’Em Sock’Em Robots Dice Game, turning the dexterity boxing game into a mindless dice rolling game. While the physical robots are the same size as the original toy, the gameplay is drastically different and the game has zero story behind it.