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October 12, 2023

Keyboard With LCD Screen From Logitech

There are plenty of keyboards on the market that sport a screen, but this one takes it to a whole new level. This keyboard with lcd screen lets you enjoy various media as well as notifications from your computer without the need to break your gaming focus.

This particular model sports a 12.6-inch touchscreen with a 60Hz refresh rate. The color LCD supports digital photos, video playback and also provides a 16 million-color option for the key backlights. Logitech says it has also provided a software development kit that can be used by homebrew developers to create community apps for the LCD screen. However, as of now there are only a few applications available for the keyboard.

For example, the display can be set to notify you when you receive a new instant message or email, allowing you to keep in touch without leaving your game. The keyboard also features two incline settings to help reduce wrist strain.

Powered USB ports are located along the crease of the curve that runs alongside the keyboard's data/power cable. This is a neat little feature that will come in handy, especially if you use an external mouse that doesn't support USB-C connectivity.

The Centerpiece features a custom display built using "Laminated Displaycircuit Glass Stack." It is powered by a CPU and GPU that is internal to the hardware, meaning it doesn't consume resources from the computer it connects to. The display can be used to show a variety of video skins, including those that react to the keys you press. Users can upload and share these skins via a Steam app. The keyboard can store up to three video skins in memory at a time.