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September 12, 2023

Is There Going to Be How to Build a Sex Room Season 2?

Streaming giant Netflix debuted its latest hit series, How to Build a Sex Room, on July 8 and it has fans eagerly asking, “Is there going to be how to build a sex room season 2?”

In the show, interior designer Melanie Rose assists couples in realizing their sex room dreams. Whether it’s a rock n roll sex basement or a swanky dungeon, Rose uses her skills to create the perfect space for each couple. And based on the positive reviews and ratings of the first season, the second is sure to please.

As for what viewers can expect from the upcoming episodes, Season 2 of How to Build a Sex Room is expected to offer more intimate confessions and emotional moments between the couples. Additionally, the show is likely to continue encouraging viewers to push their limits and embrace their sexual thoughts and desires.

How to Build a Sex Room has already shown the benefits of the space as it helped improve communication between the couples and enhance their relationships. If the series is renewed, it may also explore new ideas for sex rooms and incorporate more educational content related to relationships and sexual wellness.

It’s not clear if the series will be renewed or not as Netflix typically takes a few months before making any decisions on renewals. However, based on the first season’s popularity and positive ratings and reviews, it’s likely that How to Build a Sex Room will return for another round of steamy adventures.