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July 12, 2023

Is Shrek a Real Person?

shrek real person

Is Shrek a Real Person?

Shrek, an intimidating giant from Far Far Away, is used to being judged before even knowing him personally.

He and Donkey have formed a deep friendship. He also holds Fiona dear in their shared swamp environment.

Maurice Tillet, more commonly known by his professional wrestling name The French Angel, may have provided inspiration for Shrek. Tillet was said to suffer from acromegaly which caused his bones to swell up over time.

Maurice Tillet

Dreamworks has never confirmed or denied this theory; however, many believe Shrek, played by Mike Myers and voiced by Maurice Tillet from France during the 1930s and 1940s, may have been inspired by him. Tillet suffered from an acromegaly condition which caused his hands, feet, face and lips to swell up dramatically into enormous proportions.

Tillet's unique appearance made him an extremely successful wrestler; eventually becoming known as "The Ugly Man in Wrestling." He competed his last match in 1953 before dying of heart disease a year later in Chicago, Illinois. Tillet struggled with physical and mental effects associated with acromegaly which prevented him from thinking clearly; although originally dreaming of becoming a lawyer - due to this disorder. Instead he pursued wrestling which became his true passion as it allowed him to overcome challenges along the way and become a world renowned star of the squared circle!


Acromegaly is a condition in which an overactive pituitary gland secretes too much growth hormone after normal development of the skeleton has finished, leading to bones of the hands, feet and head becoming larger than usual. Heart size may increase and work less effectively while other symptoms include difficulty with vision, feeling of weakness in arms and legs, hearing problems and teeth issues, excessive sweating as well as changes to skin thickness and texture. Men may experience abnormally heavy or long periods of bleeding post sexual activity (galactorrhea) as well as erectile dysfunction.

Acromegaly develops slowly over time, often going undetected until comparing old and current photos of themselves. Treatment typically entails surgical removal of tumor cells as well as radiotherapy to destroy any remaining ones, along with taking drugs that suppress growth hormone secretion - usually through injection but tablets (cabergoline, quinagolide and bromocriptine are available as alternatives).


Since the release of Shrek, speculation has swirled that Maurice Tillet was behind Shrek. Although Dreamworks has yet to confirm this rumor, his likeness to Shrek cannot be denied.

Tillet was a world champion wrestler renowned for resembling a live caveman, sporting massive cauliflower ears. Due to this peculiar appearance, his peers nicknamed him the French Angel.

He was an immensely beloved figure in professional wrestling. Crowds loved hearing him roar at them while also knowing him to be kind, sensitive, and noble.

As soon as he enters Lord Farquad's castle, Shrek must fight against a group that wants to seduce Princess Fiona away from him. He uses a nearby wrestling ring as his arena and begins throwing his opponents around as though they were professional wrestlers - one of only a few characters to have been kicked by Puss in Boots himself!


Shrek may appear fearsome and dangerous at first, yet he also has an incredible capacity for forgiveness - even his former adversary Lord Farquaad! Additionally, he can be very peaceful and compassionate towards Donkey.

Shrek was only ever on Broadway for three years before it finally made it onto DVD. This movie offers some surprising dark and mature themes such as how those you care for may turn against you and how one must learn to live with their mistakes.

Shrek was inspired by William Steig's 1990 children's book of the same name. This tale follows an unsatisfied ogre who falls in love with a beautiful princess, depicted through Lord Farquaad. Many believe he may have been modelled after former Disney CEO Michael Eisner with whom producer Jeffrey Katzenberg had an intense disagreement; some even speculate that its name sounds similar to vulgar slang term "fuckwad", in an obvious subtle dig at Eisner.