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May 16, 2023

Is Noah Beck Gay Or Bisexual?

is noah beck gay

Noah Beck is an immensely popular American social media influencer known for his content on TikTok. He's widely-known for his comedic videos and dance performances as well as being part of the Sway House crew alongside other social media stars. Recently there has been much discussion and rumors regarding Noah Beck's sexual orientation; some think he could be gay while others believe he's straight; this article will provide all pertinent details regarding Noah Beck's sexuality and relationship status.

Noah was born in California on 4 May 2001 and attended Ironwood High School in Arizona before taking to TikTok as an online video platform in 2019. Soon thereafter he gained internet renown when his videos went viral online, working alongside Blake Gray and other TikTok personalities; even dropping out of University to focus on social media career pursuits.

He and Dixie D'Amelio have been dating since 2020. Both Dixie and Noah share an immense affection, frequently appearing together in videos on each account and posting pictures together to their fan accounts - often being referred to by fans as "DixieNoah."

Concerns over Noah's sexual orientation were further amplified after he appeared on the digital cover of VMAN in heels and fishnet stockings, leading many to assume he was queer-baiting, although he refuted these accusations and explained his shoot as meant to challenge how masculinity is depicted in media.