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May 16, 2023

Is Hunter Doohan Gay?

is hunter doohan gay

Hunter Doohan first came to public notice after playing Tyler Galpin on the Netflix series Wednesday. Although his character on screen romantically interested Jenna Ortega, in real life Doohan is open about being gay and is married to Fielder Jewett; additionally he has spoken out against LGBTQ rights and racism issues.

Internet speculation regarding Hunter Doohan's sexuality has been widespread, but his answer has always been an emphatic yes. Doohan has been open about his homosexuality from early days in the industry and married Fielder Jewett shortly thereafter on New Year's Eve 2020; now they are enjoying a happy marriage together.

Doohan has discussed his experience as a gay actor, as well as fighting for human rights throughout his life. As an advocate for LGBTQ issues and prideful of his sexuality, Doohan has spoken up and told of discrimination he experienced as part of being gay.

Hunter Doohan came to terms with his sexual orientation during high school, and credits Will & Grace with helping him accept it. This program was one of the first prime-time American television shows featuring openly gay characters; thus inspiring individuals such as Hunter Doohan to embrace and accept his sexual orientation with pride. Furthermore, Hunter has spoken openly about his relationship with Fielder claiming him as his true love.