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October 14, 2023

HP TouchSmart 300 Spec Review

HP went touch-crazy in the run-up to Windows 7's release, launching a host of tablet PC laptops with capacitive touchscreens that accept stylus input and a pair of all-in-one desktops with 23-inch glossy screens. The consumer-oriented TouchSmart 300 and business-oriented TouchSmart 9100 are two of the more affordable models, and both use Intel or AMD processors and run either Windows Vista or Windows 7.

The 300's performance is good enough to beat budget-priced all-in-one rivals like Dell's Studio One 19 (98) and MSI's Wind Top AE2010 (106). It's also close to pricier competitors in our WorldBench 6 benchmark tests, including the 23-inch TouchSmart 600xt (92).

With a standard DVD burner and a variety of software tools for importing and managing digital media, the 300 is a great entertainment center, and its screen is large enough to serve as a secondary display for a high-definition TV. The software suite offers instant access to Hulu, Netflix, and Pandora, plus TouchSmart Recipe Box lets you dictate recipes or search online for a new dish to cook.

Although the 300's voice-recognition features are still in their early stages, programs like Recipe Box show promise. Just don a Bluetooth headset, and the program can read out recipe ingredients and instructions aloud with little help from the keyboard or mouse. That makes it a great kitchen companion, although Gateway's One ZX4800-02 has the same capabilities at a lower price. The 300 is also quieter than most competing all-in-ones, and its power consumption won't add an unwieldy amount to your energy bill. It also comes with a year of parts and labor coverage and 24-7 toll-free phone support.