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October 13, 2023

HP Elite V2 Keyboards

The sleekness and minimalistic design of the HP Elite V2 keyboards is one of its most attractive features. It takes some inspiration from the Surface Pro range, and has a very smart and business-like appearance.

The build quality also looks great, with the frame made of anodized aluminum and a sturdy feel to it. The keys are low-profile, easy to press and have a good amount of tactile feedback. They are also virtually noiseless, which makes typing much more pleasant. The switches are highly responsive too, with very little lag between pressing the key and the corresponding action on the screen.

There are also a few secondary functions that you can access via the various dedicated media buttons. Using these can make your life much easier and more convenient by letting you control things like volume, mute and even internet connection. This keyboard is compatible with a number of different operating systems, including Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10, Mac OSX and Linux.

One of the best parts about this keyboard is that it has been extensively tested to ensure its durability and reliability. Its kickstand can be opened and closed ten thousand times, the keyboard is rated for a huge ten million keystrokes and it has been drop-tested from half a meter on to concrete. This means that it can take a beating and still come out looking as good as new. This makes it ideal for the office environment where durability is important.