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October 12, 2023

HP Compaq 8000 Elite Review

Stability, enhanced security and efficiency – these PCs mean business. Featuring HP’s leading remote manageability technologies, the Elite 8300 small form factor desktop is ideal for small-to medium-enterprise businesses. Global configurations, three innovative form factors, a full range of ports, slots and bays, and a variety of HP pre-qualified options and accessories allow you to maximize your investment.

Designed to help businesses lower their maintenance costs, this PC comes equipped with an HP-branded power supply that is up to 87 percent efficient in idle mode. It also has a low-power processor and is ENERGY STAR qualified.

To keep with the conservation theme, HP includes its bundled HP Power Assistant software. This tool lets administrators set the machine's power plans, create schedules that swap between work-intensive and energy-saving modes, and enable features like drive encryption and system hibernation. Another feature, HP Protect Tools, lets administrators enable things like fingerprint reader and smart card support for extra security.

In our WorldBench 6 benchmark suite, the 8000f Elite scored 113 points, roughly in line with other budget systems we've tested. We noticed some sluggishness in the machine's graphics performance, but it's not surprising since most business PCs are based on integrated cards rather than dedicated graphics chips.

Servicing the 8000f Elite is relatively easy, thanks to a lockable case door that opens easily, and the fact that most of its internal components are user-upgradable. However, the reliance on notebook RAM limits the number of possible upgrades down the road, and you won't get HDMI or eSATA ports because there simply isn't room in this compact package.