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October 13, 2023

HP 8000 SFF Review - Ultra-Slim Desktop

HP's 8000f Elite Ultra-slim desktop packs workstation-like performance into a small footprint. It's also designed to be easy to deploy and manage. Moreover, it provides IT managers with the widest range of security and chassis choices, which are important for organizations that need to replace many systems at once or need to work with a limited budget.

Unlike some of the other systems we reviewed in this category, the 8000f Elite is free from certain environmentally harmful materials, such as brominated flame retardants and polyvinyl chloride. This feature, along with the 8000f's 87-percent efficient power supply and recyclable packaging, is a clear appeal to green IT managers.

It also comes with a humble set of peripherals, including a simple keyboard and mouse that lack media keys or other extra functionality. However, it does have a full complement of ports, including two SO-DIMM memory slots and an MXM graphics slot, which should allow for future upgrades even with the standard graphics configuration.

On our WorldBench 6 test suite, the 8000f Elite earned a score of 113, which puts it near the middle of the pack among this class of budget systems. Its graphical performance is below par, though this is expected on systems that rely on integrated graphics.

The 8000f Elite offers a wide array of business-oriented software. It includes HP Power Assistant, which lets administrators customize power plans and schedules and control how much the system uses in a given time period. Also included is HP Protect Tools, which helps businesses more safely secure their hardware, firmware and OS.