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October 13, 2023

HP 6005 Pro Small Form Factor Review

The 6005 pro small form factor is an affordable PC that delivers powerful performance for everyday business computing needs. The AMD Phenom II X4 B95 3.00GHz quad-core processor offers the processing power to handle multiple business applications simultaneously. The included 4 GB of memory helps the PC perform smoothly for years to come. A 320GB hard drive provides ample storage capacity to hold important documents and media files. Integrated Gigabit Ethernet allows for high-speed network data transmission and easy peripheral connectivity.

This HP PC uses an innovative combination of solid state and traditional platter drives, resulting in the speedy boot times of a SSD drive with the large storage space of a conventional hard drive. In addition, AMD's Cool 'n' Quiet technology reduces CPU speed and power voltage to save energy consumption. This feature, coupled with the low-noise fanless design of the 6005 series, makes these desktops an ideal choice for work environments where desktop noise is a concern.

While this HP PC is unquestionably fast for its size, it does lack some key features that could make it a more compelling value system. A jacked up graphics card, for example, would improve the gaming potential of this computer and the 3.2 GHz hyperthreaded dual core Intel i5-650 CPU is just a hair faster than an older Core 2 Duo or even a later generation Core 2 Quad.