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July 5, 2024

How to Use the Wing Zonai Device in Tears of the Kingdom

The air above Hyrule is full of new toys to tinker with in Tears of the Kingdom, but some of them can be tricky to get the hang of. One of them is the wing zonai device, which can allow Link to cover significant distances with relative ease. But if you don't know how to use the device properly, you could wind up falling off into the abyss. Fortunately, we're here to help with a few tips about how to use the wing zonai device effectively.

First, you'll need a wing zonai. These devices are typically found in the sky islands of Tears of the Kingdom, though they can also be found inside Zonai Dispensers or Zonai Capsules. The latter are probably the easiest place to find them.

Once you have a wing zonai, the next step is to activate it. To do this, open up the Zonai menu and select it. It should spawn next to a cliff, and you'll be able to hop on to begin flying.

You'll need to be careful with this, since the wing will only fly for a short period of time before it begins to deplete your stamina. To prevent this, make sure you're only deploying the wing when you've got about a quarter of your stamina left. It can be tempting to deploy the wing when you're nearly out of stamina, but this is likely to lead to a disastrous crash.

To make the wing last longer, you'll need to adjust its speed and height. You can do this by moving Link's center of gravity back and forth, or by changing the angle at which the wing is positioned. You can also add fans and a steering stick to the wing to increase its speed and make it easier to steer.

As with other Zonai devices, the wing can be fused to weapons and shields to give them added strength and power. It can also be used with the autobuild system to make more advanced wings, which can take on a variety of different functions like speeding up your movement or giving you the ability to carry more items.

The wing is a useful tool to have at your disposal, and the best way to get it is by finding one of the dozens of Zonai Dispensers that can be found throughout the game. These can be found in various locations throughout the map, including at some of the many gates around the Great Sky Island. Alternatively, you can buy them at the Gutanbac Shrine by tossing in several Zonai Charges into the machine and waiting for it to dispense a wing. The Gutanbac Shrine is the best place to do this early in the game, but you'll likely come across other Zonai dispensers later in your journey.