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October 12, 2023

How to Use Magic Select Paint 3D

The Windows 10 Creators Update has given Paint 3D the ability to take pictures, clip them out and turn them into stickers. You can then add the sticker to another picture or even 3D object, such as a diorama.

Microsoft has a new tutorial showing how to use magic select paint 3d. The process is quite simple and involves a few steps. You start by taking a photo and highlighting the part you want to extract. Once you have the extracted image selected, click on Make sticker. Then you can choose the opacity of the sticker. You can then move the sticker around to get the best placement and then finally add it to another image or 3D object.

Magic select works by looking for sharp differences in color and lighting to perform edge detection. It also requires a well-lit photograph to be most effective. Initially, it may struggle with complex images or situations where there is more than one subject. However, by clicking on additional areas and removing them as necessary, you can expand the initial selection and achieve better results.

The update also brings MS Paint’s straight line and curve tools to the app, allowing users to draw shapes and curves on their 2D creations as well as 3D objects. The app now supports the GLB open standard for sharing 3D assets, a change that “should allow for faster and more efficient transfers of the files,” according to Shuneman.