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May 31, 2024

How to Use Device Dispenser in Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has a unique feature that makes it much easier to acquire certain helpful items, even in places where they would not otherwise be available. This feature is called a Device Dispenser, and it operates a bit like a gacha machine. By feeding the dispenser certain materials, you can get capsules that contain items such as fans, wings, and portable pots. These can be deployed at a whim to help out in situations where they might be needed, and can make the difference between breezing through a puzzle or gnashing your teeth in frustration.

How to use device dispenser zelda

You'll find plenty of Device Dispensers scattered throughout Hyrule, and you can discover what the machines accept by hovering over them on the map in your Purah Pad. For the most part, they will accept two forms of currency -!Construct Horns and Zonai Charges. You can find these two items in a variety of ways, but it's easiest to just defeat any constructs that spawn around you and keep an eye out for them dropping when defeated. If you collect enough of them, it won't be long before you have a decent stockpile to feed to the dispensers.

Once you have the desired items to feed a dispenser, you'll need to open your inventory and select them to hold them (they can only be held up to a max of five). You can then approach the dispenser, and if it is facing the right direction, you will be prompted to place them inside by pressing. Once you do, the dispenser will then start to live up to its name, and will dispense a number of Zonai capsules containing whatever it is that the player has selected to be fed.

Each dispenser has a different pool of Zonai devices it can offer, and you can see what those are by hovering over it on the map in your Purah Pad. These range from the fairly minor, such as fans and portable pots, to the more powerful ones such as the homing cart, sled, and the steering stick.

Note that you cannot receive a Big Battery from a dispenser, as this is normally reserved as a Shrine reward. It is possible to get a battery by using the Zonai charges that you can acquire from the dispenser, though. Just be sure to save the!Construct Horns and Zonai charges that you have, and use them in the dispenser when it's ready to give out some. You'll want to do this as soon as you can, as the dispensers will restock their supply of capsules quickly. You can also save a bunch of capsules, and then empty them all at once by bringing up the inventory and selecting to empty them. This will prevent you from overfeeding the dispenser and wasting items that could have helped you out later in the game.