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June 1, 2024

How to Update Roku With a USB Flash Drive

Roku is one of the leading streaming video services available. Its devices give users access to thousands of movies, TV shows, and sports events from streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and more. Keeping Roku running smoothly is important, so it’s always good to make sure it has the latest software updates. Roku is programmed to check for updates every 24 to 36 hours and download and install them automatically, without interrupting viewing. The most recent major update, Roku OS 10.5, added a new "help" function for voice commands and improved the performance of Roku’s app search feature.

Whether your Roku device is a Roku TV, a streaming player, or a Roku Stick, you can use the following steps to manually check for and update its software. Start by pressing the Home button on your paired Roku remote to get to the Roku home screen. Then, navigate to the Settings menu on the left and select System. This will show you the version of Roku OS that your device is presently running and when it was last updated. If you’re looking for a specific update, you can also select “Check now” to manually initiate an update.

The process for updating a Roku device with a USB flash drive is slightly different, but the general principle is the same. Using MiniTool Partition Wizard, you can create a bootable USB flash drive that will allow you to update your device’s software without needing a working internet connection.

In addition to checking for and installing Roku software updates, you can also update individual apps on your roku device. This can be helpful if an app has been acting strangely or not displaying all of its features. To do so, press the Home button on your paired Roku Remote and then use the directional buttons to highlight an app that you want to update.

Once an app has been updated, it will display a green checkmark and be ready to use. You can even move apps around on your Roku device’s home screen or delete them altogether, if desired. So be sure to keep your Roku device updated with its latest software and take advantage of all the amazing features that come with it.