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October 12, 2023

How to Turn Off DMs on Discord

Discord is an incredibly useful tool for gamers, but it's also a dynamic platform that can connect users across communities and share passions outside of video games. Discord servers allow users to join private and public "servers," where they can chat with other users and create groups to discuss their interests. Discord offers many privacy options, including muting specific users, adjusting notification settings and restricting DMs to friends only or server members.

However, some users may find themselves overwhelmed by an influx of direct messages from random people who have found them in groups they hang out in on the platform. Whether it's spam, scam or just someone saying hello, this can be annoying and distracting to some users. Thankfully, this article will help you turn off dms on discord by providing a few helpful tips and tricks.

Step 1: Open Discord and select the profile icon at the bottom-right of the menu bar. Click "Settings" and select the "Privacy & Safety" option. Step 2: Click the toggle next to "Allow direct messages from server members" to turn it off.

If you want to disable DMs from an individual user, you can do so on mobile by tapping and holding their profile. This will open a pop-up menu with the option to "Block." This will disable DMs from that user, but will not stop them from messaging you on Discord unless they unblock you or you unfriend them. You can also turn on Do Not Disturb in your settings to prevent notifications from bothering you for a little while, but this will still allow friends to message you.