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September 12, 2023

How to Tie a Loop Knot

One of the most important knots to know how to tie is a loop knot. It’s the knot that most experienced anglers rely on when tying a fly to their line or leader. The reason is simple. Loop knots are very strong and they don’t come untied when under pressure. And they also provide a good deal of movement to the fly that can help attract and trigger more strikes than a fixed knot.

To tie the nonslip loop knot, first pass your line through the hook eye and double back the tag end a few inches to create an overhand loop. Hold the overhand loop with your thumb and index finger while you use the other hand to make two wraps up the main line, entering from the same side as the overhand loop you made. Moisten the knot and pull on both ends to cinch the wraps loosely together. Then pull on the standing part to tighten the knot. Trim the tag end and you’re done.

This is a great knot to know how to tie when fishing with artificial lures and jigs as well. It gives your flies or jigs that extra movement needed to get more strikes, especially with jerk baits. And it’s easy enough to tie streamside when the wind is blowing. So give it a try and see how it improves your results. It may be just the ticket to help you catch more fish this year.