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May 16, 2023

How to Skip Songs With AirPods

how to skip songs with airpods

If you own an iPhone, there's an easy way to use your airpods without touching your phone: simply double-tap either earbud to skip to the next song in your playlist; triple-tap either earbud back to previous track; or use Siri voice commands instead to skip songs with your airpods.

If your airpods are skipping songs incorrectly, this could be caused by issues in their settings. Luckily, there's a quick solution available that only takes seconds to implement.

How to Skip Songs with AirPods

Both AirPods Pro and 2nd generation AirPods come equipped with a force sensor in their stems that you can use to control music playback. To skip a track in your playlist, double-tap on either earbud force sensor to navigate directly to the next track in your playlist. Alternatively, tap again or press and hold to switch between Active Noise Cancellation Mode and Transparency Mode by using this same sensor.

If your AirPods are mis-skipping songs, the Settings app on an iOS device offers an easy solution. Simply tap the grey cog icon, choose Bluetooth and locate your AirPods amongst connected devices before selecting a particular AirPod to set its skip action as Next Track - all from within one convenient place!