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September 12, 2023

How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting

How to schedule a zoom meeting

If you’re already using Zoom, you can simply visit your account details page from your desktop computer or the web portal. Once there, you’ll find a “Schedule a Meeting” button at the top of your screen. Click that, and you’ll be prompted to fill out the meeting’s details. This includes a topic, an optional description of the meeting, the date and time, and a maximum meeting duration. You can also enable settings like a waiting room or a password for extra security.

Other options include a Require registration box that you can tick if you want to require attendees to register before joining the meeting. You can also choose if you want to use your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) for this meeting or create a new one. This is recommended to avoid unwanted guests, known as “zoombombers”. Finally, you can choose whether to have the host video on or off at the start of the meeting.

Once you’ve filled out all of the meeting information, you can then click the Schedule button to finish up. Zoom will add the event to your selected calendar, and you’ll be able to edit it as you would any other Calendar Appointment. If you created a recurring Zoom meeting, you can change or delete any occurrences by going to the “Meetings” tab and clicking “Edit recurrence”. You can also add the meeting to a third-party calendar app like Google Calendar or Outlook to automatically send invitations to your invited attendees.