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October 13, 2023

How to Run Duke Nukem 3D on DOSBox

How to run duke nukem 3d on dosbox

Released in 1997, "Duke Nukem 3D" was a groundbreaking first-person shooter that set the bar for future FPS games. Its level design blew open a new world of possibility, creating an interactive playground that was a dynamic canvas for creativity and fun. The weapons and combat mechanics were also innovative, providing a satisfying blend of creativity and realism. Despite some flaws by today's standards (the graphics can sometimes seem primitive, and the humor can be outdated), "Duke Nukem 3D" is widely considered to be one of the most influential video games of all time.

In a futuristic Los Angeles infested by aliens, it's up to the hero Duke to bring them the pain and show them the exit. His arsenal includes pistols, pipe bombs, laser trip mines, Nordenfelt guns, chain guns and various rocket launchers. In addition to his deadly weaponry, he has a number of tools available to him, such as a power-up granting him accelerated fire, medikits that can repair his health, steroids to increase his speed and a hologram that allows him to see hidden passageways.

The config file for the game can be edited using the editor provided by DOSBox, which is available for free download. The first line of the config file sets the fullscreen option to true. The rest of the configuration settings depend on the desired effect. Options include: # mapperfile -- The file used to load/save key/event mappings. # autolock -- The mouse will automatically lock when DOSBox is not focused/minimized. # windowresolution -- The resolution of the display in DOSBox. # memsize -- The amount of memory DOSBox will try to emulate. # machine -- The type of machine it tries to emulate:hercules,cga,tandy,pcjr,vga. # captures -- Directory where things like wave, midi and screenshot get captured. # frameskip -- How many frames DOSBox skips before drawing one. # aspect -- Do aspect correction, if your output method doesn't support scaling this can slow things down!