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October 13, 2023

How to Reset a Tile

Tiles can take a beating, from an excited dog paw; to getting pushed around by furniture while moving it; or even from a sudden impact on the floor. Whether the result is a chip, scratch or crack, there are some quick fixes to get your tiles looking as good as new again.

Depending on the damage, some are better left to a professional, while others can be easily fixed at home with simple DIY solutions. For scratches and chips, a thin layer of clear nail polish can work wonders, making the mark less noticeable. For larger dents, ceramic filler can be used. Similar to plasticine, it can be worked into the ding and left to dry before being polished.

For a deeper chip, use a putty knife to work under the damaged area. If the break is severe, it may be a case of replacing the tile, though this will be more expensive than simply fixing the existing one.

If you find a lost Tile, it’s important to note that it could belong to anyone who has an account in the Tile app. It’s best to reset the device before giving it to someone else, as it will ensure that their account is not linked with your Tile and that it can be easily recovered by its original owner. To do this, open the Tile app and select the device you wish to reset. Scroll down and tap More Options, then choose Transfer Tile. Enter the email address of the person you are transferring it to and follow the instructions.