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July 4, 2024

How to Remove Interlock Device From Your Car Breathalyzer

Ignition interlock devices have saved lives and prevented DUIs, but they can be an inconvenience for drivers. Many who are required to install them find themselves counting down the days until they can legally remove them. If you’re in the midst of an ignition interlock device requirement, or are hoping to shorten your time with one, this article will help you understand what it takes to get your car breathalyzer removed early and how to do so properly.

Before you can even think about removing your interlock device, you will need to fulfill all state requirements. The exact terms of your interlock program will depend on the following factors:

How long you’ve been in the ignition interlock program – Some states require you to serve 2 years before you can apply for removal. The severity of your DUI – Some of the more serious DUI offenses might require you to serve longer than others. The details of your case – A judge will decide how long you’ll need to keep the device installed after your conviction.

If you’ve had any violations or failures – These can include missed deadlines, failed tests and tampering with the device. Each of these can push back your removal date by anywhere from 1 to 3 months.

Your BAC – The BAC threshold for your specific interlock device may vary, but it’s typically around.03 BAC. If you provide a test result higher than that, you will receive a warning. Multiple warnings can turn into violations, which will push your removal date back a lot further.

You must visit your official Intoxalock service provider to have the device removed. It is important that you contact the provider to schedule your appointment, and that you show up on time. It’s also crucial that you bring any documentation or authorization paperwork for your removal appointment. You’ll also be required to have a final download done by the provider, which will verify that you’ve completed your program and that you are eligible for early interlock device removal.

If you’re thinking about removing your ignition interlock device, we encourage you to speak with an experienced DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Our Colorado DUI attorneys can review your case and determine whether or not you’re eligible to have the device removed early. If you are eligible, we can help you navigate the process with ease and get your life back on track faster.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you cut out the frustration of driving with an IID! With our experienced legal team by your side, you can start driving freely again before you know it.