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October 26, 2023

How to Remove a TikTok Filter

how to remove a tiktok filter

Filters on TikTok can sometimes make video recording unpleasant; luckily, there's an easy way to remove an undesirable filter before posting your video.

TikTok filters can only be removed from videos that you are creating or saving as drafts. Unfortunately, we are unable to remove filters from videos already posted or downloaded from TikTok.

1. Tap on the filter you want to remove.

Filters and effects on TikTok are intended to enhance the appearance of videos, but sometimes they become too prominent and interfere with its content. When this occurs, it is essential that one knows how to remove filters on TikTok.

TikTok provides multiple methods for you to remove filters, including during recording or drafts. However, once posted videos have already been shared you cannot change or remove their filters.

Social media platforms first rose to fame thanks to their libraries of filters designed to enhance users' appearances, yet now there is an emerging trend among people to post unfiltered photos and videos without filters or Photoshop editing, emphasizing naturalness over processed looks while emphasizing personal style and creativity. This trend could soon overtake social media altogether!

2. Tap on the edit button.

TikTok's Rotoscope Filter adds an eye-catching edge to videos by giving the appearance of drawing or tracing over frames of video frame by frame. However, some users may prefer forgo this creative effect and opt for more natural looking results by disabling this filter in their videos.

TikTok is an incredible platform, boasting numerous filters and effects to add personality to your videos. These effects can be added both during recording or editing; however, sometimes you might wish to remove one for any number of reasons.

Unfortunately, you are unable to edit or remove a filter from a video that has already been uploaded as the uploading process combines all layers together and makes it impossible to discern effects and filters separately from one another. But with draft videos or recordings while they're being recorded you have more freedom.

3. Tap on the retouch button.

Social media apps like TikTok gained prominence because of their expansive library of filters designed to enhance users' appearances. But lately, there has been an emerging movement towards more natural looking social media images; more users are opting out of filters altogether and preferring an authentic style on social media.

The Retouch Button is an effective way to quickly remove any unnecessary effects from your videos, such as stickers or effects that don't belong in draft videos you save for review. Furthermore, this button can also help remove lines or shapes that could potentially obstruct or obscure their views in videos you are saving to draft.

To use the Retouch Button, simply tap on the Filter Icon and then choose Retouch from its drop-down list. There, you will have access to various tools for eliminating any unwelcome effects or stickers in your video and once satisfied, save or post your draft video directly from there.

4. Tap on the remove button.

Many people enjoy adding filters or digital overlays to their videos in order to make them more visually appealing, which can turn an ordinary clip into something vibrant, comedic or artistic. Yet others prefer creating their content sans filters or effects - this may be especially appealing for people wanting to show off their natural beauty via TikTok videos.

There is an easy and straightforward process available to remove TikTok filters from videos, with only a few steps required to accomplish it. Unfortunately, this only works on videos still being created - once posted onto TikTok feed they become part of its file and cannot be removed afterwards - though if an accident arises whereby a filter accidentally posted along with it then there are workarounds which might work better for you.