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October 13, 2023

How to Protect Your Email From Spam and Abuse

Email can be a powerful tool for communicating with clients, coworkers and other professionals. When used correctly, it can help streamline the flow of communication and keep everyone on task. However, emails can also be an avenue for spam and abuse. Fortunately, Gmail has several features that can help users protect themselves from these issues. These include the ability to block specific senders, report spam and use Gmail's reporting tools.

Messages that contain red exclamation points (!) are marked as High Imprtance. These messages are considered to be important by Google and will appear in a separate section of the Inbox called "Starred." This allows you to quickly identify and access these important emails.

Red Lock

Whenever you receive an email that is not encrypted, Gmail will display a red lock icon in the corner of the message to warn you that it is not secure and that your information could be compromised. This feature is useful if you work with sensitive information that needs to be kept private.

More Stars

One of the most helpful features in Gmail is the ability to use different colors and icons to indicate an email's importance. It is a subtle way to make your inbox more efficient, particularly when you are dealing with many email notifications at once. For example, you can set your email to use yellow stars, blue stars, green checkmarks or red exclamation points, depending on the level of urgency.