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October 13, 2023

How to Print Securely

Almost every business works with confidential information that must be moved between digital and physical. The risk for revealing sensitive documents – whether employee Social Security numbers, client personal information or termination papers – is heightened at the point of printing. That's why a print security solution is a must for companies that need to ensure that their printing processes do not open up security risks or allow unauthorized access.

A basic network printer can easily become an easy entry point for hackers if it is not configured correctly. This means enabling only the necessary printer protocols, turning off unused ones and ensuring that print data is encrypted before leaving the machine. A firewall, which most operating systems come equipped with, is also recommended as it will prevent unused ports from being used by hackers.

Secure printing is a simple and effective way to prevent the accidental or intentional release of confidential documents. When a document is sent to a departmental Xerox, Canon or Ricoh printer/copier that supports this feature, it will be held until the user enters a PIN or password at the device. This eliminates the possibility of a confidential document being taken by an unauthorized person or left behind on the printer tray and exposed to anyone who walks past it.

A solution like PaperCut can go even further in terms of printer security by providing users with tools that will allow them to authenticate each and every job before it is printed. In addition, the software’s robust analytics and monitoring features can help to identify anomalous behavior and take steps to correct it before any damage is done.