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May 21, 2024

How to Power a Zonai Device in Legend of Zelda

If you've been exploring Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you've likely seen many Zonai devices. These are advanced machines that can be attached to vehicles and weapons, and they add a level of creativity to your journey. They're especially useful if you want to cross large sections of the map quickly or defeat multiple enemies at once, but they won't work non-stop and require energy to operate. Fortunately, there's an easy way to keep your Zonai devices running at full power: the Energy Cell.

The Energy Cell is a Key Item that works like a battery and powers your Zonai devices. It can be refilled with Zonai Capsules, found randomly throughout the Great Sky Island or purchased from a vendor in the In-isa Shrine for 500 Rupees. It automatically recharges between uses, but you can also speed up the refill time with Zonai Charges and refuel it with a Big Battery.

You'll use the Energy Cell to power everything from fans and flame emitters to steering sticks for your vehicles and hot air balloons. You can even use it to power the aforementioned raft, as long as you've cooked up some food and have a Zonai Fan nearby for catching air.

However, the Energy Cell won't last forever and eventually runs out of power. To reload it, you'll need a Zonai Capsule, which can be dropped into a Device Dispenser and will grant you a device from the selected capsule. You can choose between ordinary and Large Zonai Capsules, which are dropped from defeated Constructs, examined decaying Constructs in the Sky, or exchanged at the Forges in the Depths. The dispenser's selection pool varies, but you can drop in up to five Zonai Charges at a time to increase your chances of getting a desired item.

A Powered Wheel that spins to move over flat surfaces but can't handle hills or bumps well. It's great for fast-paced travel over flat areas, though.

An Immovable Stone that stands upright when activated. They were used to create footholds in unstable places, such as sky islands.

While the Powered Wheel and the Zonai Cannon are the two most important Zonai devices for moving around the Great Sky Island, there are plenty of other cool things you can do with them once you're familiar with how they function. You can make a Korok Frond Fan, for instance, which can be used to boost the speed of a vehicle and can also be attached to weapons for homing attacks. If you need more guidance on how to make your own creations, check out our comprehensive guide for the latest Zonai devices. Hopefully, this will give you the tools you need to make the most of the advanced technology of the Zonai. Good luck, and keep crafting!