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October 26, 2023

How to Post Anonymously on Facebook

Reposting anonymously on Facebook can help safeguard you against bullies and trolls while also discouraging scammers looking to solicit donations or financial advice from you. This feature also prevents scammers who ask for money donations through Facebook pages claiming they need financial advice for donations made available online.

To post anonymously, open the app and select a group. Next, tap "Write something..." before toggling "Post anonymously". A prompt will provide more information and ask if you wish to confirm.

Posting in a group

Facebook groups' anonymous posting feature can be useful when discussing sensitive subjects without fear of being monitored by admins and moderators, but please keep in mind that your name will still be visible for verification by admins and moderators to enforce community standards on Facebook.

Facebook will notify you if you choose to post anonymously in a group, informing you that your profile information, including photos and names will become visible to admins and moderators of that particular group, while your post won't go live until an admin approves it.

Use of fake accounts may provide another method of posting anonymously in groups; however, this option is less secure as your personal data could be shared with third parties and it should always be carefully considered before selecting this path. You could also consider joining private groups or an external chat application in order to keep posts anonymous.

Posting in a public group

Facebook allows its users to post anonymously in public groups, though this feature may not be available everywhere. If this option is enabled in a group where it exists, look for an "Anonymous Post" button beneath the input box which says 'Write Something' - when clicking this button will bring up an information window explaining anonymous posts before being submitted for approval by clicking OK.

Administrators of public groups can view the identities of anonymous posters who post anonymously, which Facebook can use to enforce its Community Standards. While this feature can be misused in certain instances, such as parenting groups discussing sensitive subjects, it remains useful for other settings that discuss sensitive matters.

Facebook Mobile does not yet support anonymous posting, however this feature can still be utilized if posting to a public group via website. As an administrator of such group, if they can also view an activity log to track down who made such posts in case anyone suspects them of breaking rules.

Posting in a private group

Facebook groups allow members to post anonymously without disclosing their identity, though this feature must first be approved by group admins before being enabled. Your name and profile picture will still be visible to these officials as well as Facebook itself; this helps ensure all posts conform with community standards of your group.

To post anonymously in a private group, use the Facebook app to select it, and when creating posts use the toggle at the top to enable "Post anonymously". Once this option has been activated your post will be submitted for admin review.

Check if a post was anonymous by going to the group Activity Log and filtering for administrator/moderator actions, matching up its timestamp with that of anonymous posts and narrowing down who wrote them.

Posting in a mobile app

Posting anonymously in a Facebook group is an invaluable way to avoid stalkers and trolls while maintaining privacy when discussing sensitive subjects with others. Unfortunately, this feature only becomes active if enabled by group admins.

To post anonymously, select Anonymous Post from the Write Something... button and a pop-up will explain its operation before clicking "I Want to Post Anonymously"; once this process has completed, group admins and moderators may still see your name and profile photo; however, your post won't include them.

Your Facebook mobile app offers another method for anonymous posting: select the hamburger menu icon, tap Groups and then enable Group Settings - once that option has been enabled you'll be able to post anonymously without worrying about read receipts being seen by group admins/moderators; however if this concerns you then disable read receipts in chat settings to protect your privacy.