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May 16, 2023

How to Pin a Video on TikTok

how to pin a video on tiktok

Tiktok videos do not always go viral, but creators can still establish an audience on the platform by using its feature to pin videos to their profile.

The "pinned video" feature on Tiktok is an effective way to ensure users see your content when they visit your profile, giving it more exposure and increasing its chance of being liked, shared, or becoming viral.

Pinned videos have long been a feature on other social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, and now TikTok has also joined them. Utilizing this feature on tiktok is simple - to do so simply locate the video they wish to pin by clicking on three dots appearing at the bottom right corner, select 'Pin to Top of Profile' then press pin icon again.

Pinned videos will then appear at the top of your profile, with any others that were pinned below being moved down in order to accommodate for it. It is best to switch out pinned videos regularly in order to give viewers the best impression of what your profile offers; and should one become less suitable, unpinning is easy and swift.