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October 14, 2023

How to Make a Virtual Clone Drive Safe

Virtual clone drive safe

When it comes to working with CD and DVD image files, the process of inserting the physical disc into a player can be tedious. It's especially frustrating when playing video games, which often need to load additional content from a disc.

Thankfully, there are some applications out there that allow you to mount these images as virtual drives. One of the most straightforward is Virtual CloneDrive, a free program that creates a virtual drive on your Windows system that works and behaves just like a physical CD, DVD or Blu-ray drive, although it exists only virtually.

The simple program interface lets you choose a few basic options, including how many drives the software will create at once (up to 15), whether it will automatically unmount the last drive upon mounting the next one and whether to buffer the input and output. Once you're done with the setup, it should be as easy as clicking and double-clicking to open and use any of the image files mounted on the virtual drive.

Virtual CloneDrive is a useful utility, particularly for people who need to work with multiple CD and DVD image files at once. However, there are other tools out there that are more comprehensive in their capabilities, such as MagicDisc, Daemon Tools Lite and WinCDEmu.