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September 12, 2023

How to Make a Bird in Little Alchemy

Birds are fascinating creatures that play an important role in our ecosystems. They can also take your Little Alchemy experience to a whole new level of excitement and creativity. This article will teach you how to make a bird in little alchemy with a variety of different element combinations. It will also include helpful tables and visuals that explain the process.

First, let's look at the starter elements that are needed to make a bird in Little Alchemy. We will start with air and water, which are the two essential elements to begin with. Then we will move on to earth and fire, which are also required to make birds. Finally, we will need life and time to complete the recipe.

Start by selecting the air element at the top of the screen, then drag it down into the playing area. Next, select the water icon, and drag it down into the playing area. This will create the first starter creature - a lizard. Then select the fire element, and add it to the lizard. When the lizard and the fire interact, they will create meat, which is one of the required ingredients for making a bird in Little Alchemy.

You can also use the combination of Air and Egg to make a bird, which will simulate a chick hatching from an egg. This is another useful method for creating a bird quickly. You can also try using the Dinosaur and Time element combination to create a bird, as dinosaurs are considered to be the modern descendants of birds. You can even swap the Sky element out for a Pterodactyl, which would create a flying dinosaur instead of a bird. Ultimately, the choice is up to you, and it is fun to experiment with various combination to see what unique outcomes come to life in Little Alchemy!