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October 26, 2023

How to Lace Up a Jordan 1

how to lace jordan 1

Lacing your sneakers is a personal choice, and there are various methods for lacing Jordan 1. In this guide we'll look at three popular lacing styles.

Straight bar lacing technique offers a sleek, contemporary aesthetic perfect for low-cut shoes. Plus, it's extremely straightforward.

Tie the Laces

There are various methods for lacing up Jordan 1s. Some prefer keeping all eyelets laced, while others like leaving some unlaced. No matter which you choose, taking time and care in tying your laces properly will ensure they remain secure and comfortable to wear throughout your day.

Start by threading both ends of your shoelaces through the first couple of eyelets on each side, before piercing through to each last eyelet with your laces' tips (aglets) through its last eyelet to form a "bunny ear" shape - this will keep them secure.

Repeat this process on both sides of your shoes until all eyelets have been completed and then tuck any loose ends behind your tongues to finish! Now your footwear are ready for action.

Tie the Knots

If your laces twist, try straightening them so they form a flat horizontal line across your shoe and keep checking that each loop is centered within its eyelet.

This lacing technique is ideal for high top Jordan 1s, looking much more formal than other lacing styles. Plus it's simple and adds an eye-catching finishing touch to your shoes!

An alternate approach to lacing Jordan 1s is by creating bars down the center. To do this, take one lace from each shoe and thread them over another lace near the bottom of each shoe until you have two knots tied at both ends - perfect if you want your sneakers to have an effortless casual aesthetic! Lacing your Jordan 1s this way will turn heads everywhere you go; and try different color laces if desired to mix up your look even further!

Wrap the Laces Around the Tongue

While footwear experts may have strong opinions about whether to lace shoes tight or loosely, the choice lies solely with you and your personal taste. Tight laces provide more secure fit while loose ones add a more casual flair to the shoe.

AJ1s can be elevated with diamond lacing. This technique uses two loops to form unique-looking Xs on the sneaker's upper, which works particularly well on low-top Jordan 1 versions.

To create this style, begin by crossing both left and right laces at the bottom eyelet and inserting one lace into each eyelet - starting from left lace into third eyelet on right side and second on left side - then slip off one eyelet by pulling them through one. Pierce penultimate eyelet diagonally from inside out while pulling through it for added style - repeat process on other side, leaving last eyelet empty as an alternative option for more relaxed appearance.

Tighten the Laces

Tightening the lace locks helps your sneakers remain taut throughout the day and night, keeping laces from coming undone while you wear them and saving you from having to retie your shoes many times throughout your day.

Crisscross lacing is an innovative way to lace sneakers without needing to tie them. Simply start by inserting one lace through an eyelet on the left side of your sneaker, crossing it over, and placing it through another eyelet on the opposite side. Repeat this pattern all the way up until reaching the top eyelets; it looks great with nearly any type of sneaker - giving jordan 1s a casual, laid-back vibe!