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October 13, 2023

How to Install Daggerfall on Windows 7

Daggerfall is an open-world role-playing game first published in 1996 by Bethesda Softworks. It is the second title in their Elder Scrolls series, and a predecessor to 1994’s The Elder Scrolls: Arena. It offers a huge world to explore, a complex story with multiple factions and quests, and dynamic reputation systems that evolve as the player makes choices throughout the game.

While the original game was designed for MS-DOS and Win9x operating systems, it has been made to run fairly well on modern hardware with some basic configuration and modification to the system setup. The process is not difficult, but requires some work to get everything configured properly.

The easiest way to play Daggerfall is with the GOG Cut, which handles all the installation for you and includes an assortment of popular but non-immersion breaking mods. This method is also good for those with limited system resources, as it does not require any additional software or a special computer to run.

If you do not wish to download and install the GOG version of the game, you can use DaggerXL, a project that rewrites the engine to make it more compatible with modern systems. DaggerXL works by creating a virtual FAT16 partition on your computer to store the game data. This must be on a separate partition from your Windows operating system, and it must not exceed 2GB in size.

Once you have the partition created, copy over all files from your original CD into this folder, then launch DOSBox and go to a C:DAGGER prompt (press y when prompted for the latest official patch). Once inside DOSBox, press Ctrl+Alt+Del and select the “Run in Windowed Mode” option from the menu, then blazon dag123 at the command prompt to start the game.