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September 13, 2023

How to Hide a Dead Body

A dead body isn’t just a horrible thing to see, it’s often an impossible thing to get rid of. The human body does not simply disappear; unless it is burnt or crushed to a pulp, its soft tissues will decompose and its remains will be able to be identified from their distinctive features like tattoos, birthmarks and scars.

For this reason, finding a dead body is not only a frightening and traumatic experience for the person that stumbles upon it; even if it’s not their own loved one, personal encounters with death can have a wide range of emotional and psychological effects on people. Regardless of these effects, there are certain rules of thumb that should be observed when a body is found.

The first and foremost rule when dealing with a dead body is that it should be left alone; only if there is a clear sign of murder or suicide (for instance, hanging) should a person attempt to move, reposition or wash the corpse in order to avoid contaminating any evidence. The body should always be reported to the authorities, either by calling 9-1-1 or in person at a police station.

If there is no immediate danger, then the best option to hide a dead body is to bury it in a grave or deep body of water. If burial isn’t an option, then hiding the body in a well-camouflaged place is the next best thing. In other words, the ideal location for a body would be a hidden and remote spot that is difficult to reach on foot, far away from any frequented paths or waterways.