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September 12, 2023

How to Hide a Body in Hitman 3

After a long wait, Hitman 3 has finally arrived. And with a variety of firearms and gadgets at their disposal, players can be expected to leave a lot of bodies behind.

So how do they hide them? Thankfully, there are a number of different ways.

One option is to bury it. This is an effective method, though it can be difficult to do in busy areas with a lot of traffic. Alternatively, a body can be hidden in a sewer pipe. However, this is risky as a plumber could easily be hired to retrieve it and the body will have a distinctive odor that may alert crime scene investigators.

Another option is to burn the body. This can be effective if the body is small enough to fit in a barrel. However, it is important to remember that fire leaves fragments, and crime scene investigators can use those to find the victim. Furthermore, burning a body can also lead to the discovery of toxic gasses such as carbon monoxide.

The final option is to bury it in a graveyard. This is a good choice if the victim is from an ethnic minority. However, if the victim is white, it can be more problematic as a cemetery worker may discover the body and call the police.

Regardless of the method chosen, it is crucial that a body be hidden before other NPCs see it. Otherwise, they will become suspicious of the killer and grow hostile towards him. This is why it is best to kill in isolated areas and not around other NPCs.