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September 12, 2023

How to Give Yourself a Hickey

Hickeys are a fun way to show off your love bites or prove that you’re still in the game, but not everyone is a fan of these startling blue-purple marks. If you’d like to explore this playful art form, but would rather not have your coworkers or kids see your love bites, there are ways to hide them from others.

The best place to give yourself a hickey is the neck, as it is associated with passionate biting. However, if you’re not comfortable with sucking your own neck or if your partner doesn’t want to get a hickey, try other erogenous zones, such as the arm or inner thigh.

Start with a gentle kiss and gradually increase the pressure. It’s important not to bite too hard, as this can cause pain and damage blood vessels. Instead, suck for enough seconds to create a visible mark, but not so long that it causes discomfort or leaves a bruised appearance.

Experiment with different suction patterns to create a variety of shapes and sizes. Circles are common, but you can also try diagonal lines or even a heart-shaped hickey for a romantic effect.

On day two or three, use a cold pack to slow the flow of blood from the damaged blood vessels and make your hickey less obvious. You can also use arnica gel or cream to reduce bruising and speed up healing. Avoid heat, such as from hot water or a heating pad, since this can cause the blood vessels to expand and increase visibility.