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May 29, 2024

How to Get Your Ignition Interlock Removed Early in Ohio

Ignition interlock devices are an important safety measure that many states use to prevent drunk driving. A device of this kind works by requiring the driver to breathe into it and test for alcohol before starting the vehicle, and then periodically while driving to ensure that the driver isn’t over the legal limit at any time. A driver who is found guilty of a DUI offense will typically be required to install an interlock device for a certain amount of time.

While these devices are helpful, they’re also invasive and annoying. For many drivers, they’re a major nuisance and something they dread having to deal with on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are some cases in which drivers can get an interlock device removed early, slashing months off of their mandatory period. The key is to know who, what, when, where and why these rules exist, so you can avoid getting slapped with an extra-long requirement.

The state of Ohio requires all Ignition Interlock Device manufacturers to certify specific locations to install, service and remove the devices. Only the devices manufactured by these approved companies are eligible for use in the state, and only a small percentage of the locations have been selected by the manufacturer to perform these functions. It’s important to note that if you’re not sure whether the installer you’ve chosen meets these requirements, you can always request a hearing with the Registry of Motor Vehicles. A hearings officer will look at your case and decide whether or not you’re able to have the device removed prior to serving your full two-year term.

How to Have Your Ignition Interlock Removed Early

The first step to removing your ignition interlock device is to make sure that you’ve been compliant with the terms of your sentence and haven’t committed any further violations. This means making sure you always blow into the device as instructed, don’t tamper with it or let anyone else do so on your behalf, and don’t drive another car while you’re still required to have the device installed.

You’ll also need to pay your fees, maintain the device as directed and attend any required maintenance appointments, which are usually held once every 77-90 days. Failing to keep up with these obligations will likely result in a six-month extension of your IID use period. Likewise, if you’re caught tampering with the device (a felony) or breaking it (a class 1 felony), you’ll face additional penalties and a longer period of time before your ignition interlock is allowed to be removed.

These rules may seem confusing, but your Mamaroneck DWI lawyer can help you understand them and work to have the IID requirement reduced or eliminated. Having the right attorney on your side from the start can make all the difference in your ability to fight the charges against you and achieve a fair outcome. For experienced and compassionate representation, turn to the team at Michael J. Borrelli.