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October 13, 2023

How to Get to WattMan For Your Radeon RX 480

AMD’s WattMan is a powerful GPU power management utility that lets you fine-tune the performance and efficiency of your Radeon RX 480 graphics card. The software is surprisingly feature-rich and provides granular control over the core, engine clocks, memory clocks, fan speed, and temperature of your GPU. It also offers a range of additional features, including overvolting the GDDR5 by up to 150 mVs and raising clock speeds by up to 20 percent.

One of WattMan’s biggest strengths is its ability to track your RX 480’s performance on a per-game basis via Gaming Application Profiles. This per-app feature allows you to overclock your GPU for games that require more horsepower and lower the target temperature for less strenuous titles. The tool’s real-time graphing is also a big selling point, as you can see your GPU activity in action with just a click of a button.

It’s important to note that overclocking your graphics card will void any warranties provided by AMD and will likely cause problems with your system. It’s also a good idea to overclock in small increments and test your settings for stability before making any significant changes. In addition, you should always run your PC at a minimum of 100 MHz below the maximum operating frequency to ensure proper operation. This will also help to preserve the lifespan of your graphics cards. Fortunately, you can disable Windows 10 fast startup to prevent your GPU from overheating while you’re gaming.