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October 12, 2023

How to Get Microsoft Ultimate 1 Month For $15

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is an all-you-can-play video game subscription service that bundles together two existing services and adds a ton of extras on top. It’s a remarkable deal for $15 per month, especially since it includes access to the entire catalog of games that Microsoft owns (including new Day 1 releases), online multiplayer support on console, and PC game downloads. It also combines a cloud gaming service, discounts, free digital goodies for gamers and non-gamers, a new loyalty program, and other features.

While a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a must for any gamer, it can still be expensive, especially for gamers who want to lock in an even better discount for a longer duration of time. Before Microsoft’s price hike and the change in conversion ratio, gamers were able to lock up to three years of Game Pass Ultimate for about 63 percent off.

The trick involves angling for at least one bonus month by choosing recurring billing when redeeming each Xbox Game Pass Core code. This is important because if you accept any extra months as bonus rewards, your total redemption count will be higher than the maximum three-year limit.

It’s not as good as it was before Microsoft’s recent nerfing of the system, but the trick is still alive and well for those who are patient enough to play the game. As always, we recommend securing this deal as soon as possible before it’s too late, and preferably in as long of a term as you can afford to pay up front.