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October 26, 2023

How to Freeze Dry Candy

Freeze dried candy has become increasingly popular on YouTube, especially among children-focused channels. People seem curious to know more about what freeze drying entails and how it can be accomplished without needing an expensive machine.

Professional freeze-drying machines deliver optimal results, yet are expensive to purchase and maintain. Luckily, there are other methods available to achieve similar outcomes.


Freeze-drying is a process used to extract moisture from food products in order to preserve and intensify flavor, with fruit and vegetables often being the targets for this technique. But freeze-dried candy also lends itself well; its crunchy texture and intense flavors making it an irresistibly tempting treat enjoyed both children and adults alike.

Home freeze drying candy offers two methods, placing it in a reusable freezer bag and covering it with dry ice or using an industrial freezing machine. Both techniques offer their own set of advantages and disadvantages. When done by hand, this method may take up to 48 hours with thermal gloves required and no humidity present on the day itself.

The second method relies on using a vacuum freeze-drying machine, which produces faster and superior results than its counterpart; however, this approach is more expensive than its counterpart. When using this approach, make sure not to overfill trays as this allows the candy to expand during its freeze-drying process.


Freeze-drying offers a unique way to add variety to traditional sweet treats, unlocking more flavors and creating captivating combinations. Furthermore, freeze-dried candy can even be added directly into recipes!

Prior to beginning to freeze-dry your candy, it is vitally important that it first be pre-frozen. Although this step is optional for hard candies like candy bars or mints, softer candies like gummy worms or Skittles need this step in order to preserve texture and consistency as well as reduce drying times.

Next, arrange the candy or fruits into an even layer in a freeze-drying tray and make sure they're evenly spaced - this will prevent overcrowding that could result in sticky candy during the freezing process. Alternatively, a cooler with dry ice can also help freeze-dry food in your freezer, though this method takes much longer and might not produce the same results as using a freeze-drying machine.


Before freeze-drying, it's essential to chop larger candies into bitesize pieces, thereby maintaining their consistency and structure while decreasing freeze-drying time. Pre-freezing soft sweets such as ice cream is also highly recommended in order to preserve its structure during freeze drying.

Store frozen dry candy in an environment free of moisture and strong odors to maximize shelf life and ensure long shelf life. Airtight containers or freezer-safe bags provide moisture absorption protection while airtight storage containers help control humidity effectively; desiccants also aid with moisture control but should be periodically replaced for maximum effectiveness.

Freeze dried candy is an ideal addition to trail mixes, baked goods, ice cream toppings and yogurt parfaits. Its intense flavors and light, crunchy texture make it the ideal emergency snack and camping trip companion. Plus it makes home candy bars without breaking the bank a great possibility - plus kids love it too.


Freeze-drying transforms candy favorites into irresistibly crunchy and melt-in-your-mouth treats, changing both texture and chewy/crumbly balance of chewy candies while hard candies lose their stickiness. Some manufacturers use freeze-dried candies in recipes like ice cream and cakes.

Utilizing a machine that creates a low temperature and vacuum environment, candy is frozen before being dehydrated in two cycles through sublimation, a process which transforms it from solid into gaseous without altering its chemical makeup or structure.

Once freeze-dried candy has been manufactured, it's placed into an airtight container for storage. Due to its unique texture and unique lightness, freeze-dried candy makes for a delightful snack by itself or as an addition to other foods; perfect for topping off ice cream cones, smoothies and cakes and cookies decoration or popcorn snacking!