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October 13, 2023

How to Fix a Shockwave Flash Crash in Chrome

The "shockwave flash crash in chrome" issue can occur when an outdated plugin causes browser malfunctions. To resolve this, download and install a new version of the Shockwave Flash plugin by following these instructions. This will remove the old plugin and prevent the problem from recurring in the future.

Sometimes, the issue can be caused by a conflict with other programs on your computer. This can be solved by checking software that may be causing the problem at chrome://conflicts/. The program will detect any conflicting programs and provide recommendations on how to proceed.

Using an out-of-date graphics driver can lead to problems with flash videos and other websites, such as the "The following plugin has crashed: Shockwave Flash." To fix this, you can use a specialist driver management program like Bit Driver Updater. The software will scan your system and update the obsolete drivers, making them faster and more compatible with your hardware.

Other times, the problem can be caused by browser extensions that are incompatible with the Flash plugin. To check this, you can open the three-dot menu icon in the Chrome window's top right corner and select "More tools." You will then need to click on the "Extensions" option and disable any incompatible extensions.

It's important to keep in mind that Flash is dwindling in popularity, as most mobile devices don't utilize this technology. Additionally, Windows systems will begin to deprecate the Adobe Flash player in 2021, and it's expected that Google Chrome will soon follow suit by disabling its own built-in version of the software. Prior versions of the program would compel the use of the built-in Flash player even if another system-wide version was enabled, leading to these types of crashes.