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September 12, 2023

How to Draw a Vagina

The penis is a ubiquitous figure in pop culture, but the vulva is hard to come by. In fact, even some of the most prominent artists — like Leonardo Da Vinci — have had trouble drawing one accurately. The High Renaissance polymath did an intimate anatomical illustration of the vulva, but it lacks important details, such as the clitoris and inner labia. The museum that houses the drawing says he was focused on the rectum, not the vulva, and was curious about how the sphincter muscles work.

Despite the challenges, women have found some creative ways to depict their own genitalia. Meredith Grace White, for example, has amassed nearly 97,000 followers on Instagram with her realistic sketches of labia and vulvas. She started the project to show that there's not one way a vagina should look and to encourage women to appreciate their own bodies.

To help the cause, Mic asked a few men from our staff to try their hand at drawing a vagina. The results range from smirking to crying and from playful cartoons to resembling a cunt coloring book (complete with crotch monsters and orcunts, which are basically George O'Keeffe's horny cousins). We also included some of Sarley's work, which can be divided into three categories: vagina-centric doodles, conceptual art and, well, just straight-up ugly. Click through the gallery to see what we mean.