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September 12, 2023

How to Draw a Tie

A tie is a fabric accessory that adds a sense of style and formality to an outfit. They are often worn as part of suits and dress shirts. Adding a tie to your drawing can be a fun way to give it an extra touch of detail. Whether you are sketching an actual tie or simply adding a tie to a shirt, this guide will walk you through the basics of how to draw a tie.

Start off the drawing by adding the collar of the shirt that the tie will be wrapped around. Then begin sketching the main outline of the tie using light pencil lines that can easily be erased if needed. This will also help you make any corrections to your design later on.

From the center of the tie's neckline, add two long lines that go down to the bottom of the neck and connect at the middle to form a loop. Then begin sketching the rest of the sides of the tie. These should be slightly narrower than the top line and have more of a curve to them. Lastly, add some stripes to the tie. These should be lightly curved and spaced evenly throughout the length of the tie.

Once the basic sketch is complete, change over to a darker drawing medium to begin darkening your pencil lines. This can be a pen or marker, Procreate inking brush or another type of coloring tool.