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September 12, 2023

How to Draw a Smile

Whether you're an experienced portrait artist or a beginner, drawing a smile can be challenging. But with the right techniques, you can create a beautiful smile in no time. Here are some quick and easy ways to add a smile to your photos:

The first step is to draw an arc for the upper part of the mouth. Above that, sketch many straight lines of different sizes for the bottom row of teeth. The lines should overlap to make the face look a bit fuller. Finally, add some small marks or shading to the corners of the mouth and you're done!

For a happy smile, you can use a curved line that starts at the center of the forehead and goes down to the nose. Then, draw two more curved lines for the eyebrows. After that, draw a straight line for the upper lip and another one for the lower lips. You can also sketch the outline of a nose and chin to give your smile more dimension.

For a sad smile, you can use the same guidelines as for a happy face but with some slight adjustments. For example, the cheeks will be pushed up slightly to show dimples if there are any and the front teeth will be a bit bigger than those in the back. You can also add a few vertical divider lines to help you with drawing the rows of teeth. Make sure to keep the lines light for now, you can always go over them later with a darker pen or marker.