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September 12, 2023

How to Draw a Rose With a Heart in the Middle

Whether used in an ornate illustration or to highlight a romantic character, roses are often a part of an artist’s repertoire. Although they may seem complicated to draw, with a little practice, any artist can master this flower.

For this article, we’ll be showing you how to draw a rose with a heart in the middle. The process is very simple, so we hope that even beginners will find this guide easy to follow. To begin, we’ll start by sketching a pentagon on the paper with our 2H pencil. Next, we’ll create an oval around this tiny shape, making sure that the bottoms of both ovals are even.

After this, we’ll create a small circle on the bottom of our drawing. This will serve as the base for our rose petals. Finally, we’ll add curved lines at the top of the sketch, as well as a few smaller curves on the right side.

From here, we’ll begin adding the petals of our rose. First, we’ll draw a thin line around the center of the circle, and then we’ll create curved lines that overlap each other. Once these are done, we’ll create another line over the top of these to make our petals look fuller.

To finish the drawing, we’ll add shadows and highlights. This is a key step in making your drawing pop and turning it from a flat sketch into a three-dimensional flower. To do this, we’ll use darker colors for shadows and lighter ones for highlights. We’ll also include details such as creases and folds, as these are what give real flowers their beautiful shape.