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September 12, 2023

How to Draw a Phone

Phones are one of the most important electronic devices that people use worldwide. They help us stay in contact with our loved ones, communicate with them and can also be used for various other purposes. Therefore, it is essential that children learn how to draw a phone and enhance their drawing skills as they will need this skill in the future.

In this article, we will show you how to draw a simple but effective looking phone. We will use easy-to-follow step by step instructions and an instructional video.

Start off by drawing a rectangle on the paper using straight lines. Inside this rectangle, draw a smaller rectangular structure for the screen. Add another slightly smaller rectangle on the bottom of your cell phone for the home button. Add two curved lines to the left and right of the screen for the volume buttons. Then, add a small circle to the top of your smartphone for the camera and an elongated rectangular shape on the bottom for the speaker line. Lastly, add the touch button represented by a circle within a circle to the upper part of the front of your smartphone.

Finish your drawing by applying shading using a dark shade of gray paint to your cell phone. Using a thin brush and black paint, trace the outline of the touch button rings, charging port, headphone jack, side sim slot and speaker grill holes. Then, use a blending brush to soften the shading and create a realistic casted ground shadow on your smartphone.