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September 12, 2023

How to Draw a Girl

The first step to drawing a girl is to sketch the proportions of her face. This will give you a basis for placing the colors and making the different features pop. A good pencil sketch is essential to a finished picture, so be sure to draw fairly light lines to make it easier to erase later on.

Kids tend to have lower foreheads than adults, so place the eyes slightly below the vertical halfway point of the head (1/2). Slightly higher up add the eyebrows, drawing them with a curved line that's wider towards the middle and narrower at the ends. Now add the nose and chin. The nose should be smaller than the mouth and position it slightly angled upwards to add an expression of curiosity or innocence to the drawing.

To give the drawing a more girly look you can also add a blush to the cheeks. This will make her appear pleased or embarrassed. To do this simply draw two sideways oval shapes on both cheeks.

Then finish the drawing by adding the shoulders and arms. The shoulder muscles and creases can be drawn with relatively straight lines, but as it's a cartoon style, you can be more creative and curve the lines a little. For the arms you can enclose a round shape and a curved rectangle, then extend a series of overlapping curved lines for the fingers. If you like, you can add a small handbag or other accessories to the drawing to add depth.