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September 13, 2023

How to Draw a Crow Easily

Crows are medium-sized birds that make the caw-caw sound. These birds are omnivores and can hunt animals as well as eat plants. These intelligent creatures are feared in many nations because they have a reputation for bringing misfortune. They are also known for their large eyes and sharp beaks. Practicing crow drawing ideas will enable kids to draw these beautiful creatures easily.

Start the process by drawing a circle for the crow’s body and another circle for its head. Draw intersecting lines on both circles to guide your outlines for the facial features later.

Add a C-shaped curve on either side of the crow’s head to create its ears. Then, draw small curved lines to represent its feathers. Make sure the lines you draw are not too slanted to ensure that your crow has proper posture.

For its legs, draw a fairly straight but curved line that starts below the beak and then extends upward to meet the upper wing line. Draw a similar line for its neck and tail to complete the outline of its body.

Lastly, draw its wings and its beak. You can add more details, such as its feet, if you wish to do so. Use various shading techniques, such as cross-hatching and stippling, to give your drawing more texture and depth. You can also experiment with different coloring options, such as using more vibrant colors to give your crow more contrast with the background.