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October 13, 2023

How to Do Actions on Skype

How to do actions on skype

The Skype app has a wide array of commands that you can use to perform different functions and manage your Skype experience. The commands are divided into several categories such as chat, group chat, and admin. Chat commands include functions like displaying device information, logging out from other sessions, and formatting text while group chat commands allow you to display your current status and get more information about members including their roles. Lastly, the admin commands enable you to control how the chats are moderated and also provide additional settings for the members of the group.

Among the various commands, the /showplaces command displays a list of devices where you are currently logged in to Skype. On the other hand, if you want to log out from all other instances except the current session, then you can enter the /remotelogout command. This command is useful for those who want to keep their privacy.

To delete your chat history, you must first launch the "Settings" menu from your Android device and scroll down to the "Apps" tab. Select the Skype app from the list and then tap on it. Next, you must click on the "Delete All Chat History" button to confirm your action. In a short while, the chat history will be removed from your device.

If you want to add a new member in the group chat, you can simply type /add Rima in the chat window. This is one of the easiest commands to use in the application. Moreover, you can also display your current status with the /showstatus command. You can also change the chat topic by typing /topic Entertainment or whatever you want to set as the topic.